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Two Korean Sisters And The Shark Tank Investors Are Ready To Rule The World

The Shark Tank Show’s popularity is huge. People watch how the sharks invest millions of dollars in different business ideas and hope that their dream business will come true someday as well.  Even though all the business ideas are interesting, there are some that make the sharks go crazy about it.

The same happened in one of the most recent episodes when two Korean young sisters presented a revolutionary hair growth aid. Who would have thought that such a product could net the biggest investment in the show’s history? These two girls managed to make the sharks put their millions in.

How Did A Hair Growth Product Convince The Shark Tank Investors?

When the Korean girls started their presentation, none of the sharks seemed so enthusiastic about it. You could see on their faces that it did not impress them too much. However, when the girls showed the product’s history and numbers on the Korean market, something clicked in their minds.

The Koreans are already famous for their Shark Tank hair growth pills. They offer the highest quality and flawless results. The girls used this as an advantage and showed to the sharks how their product can rule the hair growth products industry worldwide.

What Differentiates The Shark Tank Hair Growth Product From The Others?

Most of the hair growth products that we can find on the market nowadays fail to bring results after a short while. The producers present their “unique” ingredients, but they still don’t manage to find the “secret formula” that can make their products bring results constantly.

The Shark Tank hair growth product seems to be totally different. With a potent blend of natural ingredients, this product manages to keep the amazing results even after the honeymoon period ends. What is more, you do not have to wait too much for the results to appear. You will see how your hair changes after 14 days. It makes your hair grow very quick and even after such a short time, you will be able to see the difference.

If you continue using it, in just 28 days, you will notice that your hair is totally different. It will not only look healthy, but you will also have much more volume and it will be shinier. When the 28 days period is over, this does not mean that the Shark Tank product will no longer continue to bring results. It will continue to fortify your hair and give you that look you always wanted.

“Such an amazing product cannot be cheap”, you may think. This is another element that convinced the sharks. The ingredients used by the Korean girls are very easy to find and 100% natural. Therefore, according to their calculations, the production cost is not that big. This is why they are ready to position their hair growth products on the market at a reasonably cheap price.

Great results, high quality, low price – is there something more you could wish for? We don’t think so. This is why we are looking forward to the official launch and we are ready to buy this stunning product.

Six Metabolism Boosting Foods For Faster Weight Loss

Metabolism, which is closely linked to nutrition, is a process by which the body converts the food you take into the energy. The body needs the energy to perform functions, even when you are at rest your body still needs the energy to carry out the function of inhalation/exhalation of air and also for circulating the blood. A person’s requirements of calories depending on the gender of the person, age and also upon the body composition.

One of the best ways to increase the metabolism rate is to increase the muscle mass which can be achieved through strength training workouts. Muscle tissues can burn calories at a faster rate than fat tissue. Therefore, by increasing amount of muscle tissue or by converting the fat tissues to muscle will increase the metabolism, and will aid in burning extra calories.

Increasing the metabolism through diet is not as widely proven, but with the help of foods, it can be temporarily increased. The foods that may help in the burning of more calories are:

  1. Green tea

Green tea is considered as the one of the best food that has evidence of raising the metabolic rate. Green tea contains catechins and caffeine which helps the body to utilize extra energy after drinking several cups of green tea per day.  Studies have shown that green tea has an antioxidant by the name of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that contributes slightly in the amount of calorie burn.

1. Water

For the processing of the food inside the body and to convert the calories into the required energy, water is needed. Whereas, the dehydration will slow this process and is a disadvantage for your body.

2. Capsaicin

This compound gives the burning sensation to the spicy peppers and can increase your metabolic rate. You can increase your metabolism by trying spicier foods and add some chili peppers to your meals.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is found in the tea and coffee. It helps in increasing the metabolism rate. But this only happens with an enormous intake of caffeine, 8 to 10 cups in a day. Caffeine can cause sleep problems in some people, heartburn, or high blood pressure, so if you have faced these effects then do not increase your caffeine intake.

4. Lean protein

Increase satiety can prevent your overeating, and this can be lead to feel you fuller for longer. This increased satiety can be obtained by eating protein-rich or lean protein foods like eggs or chicken.

5. Whole grains

Whole grains take a longer time to convert into energy. Such foods like oats and barley that have high fiber will keep your metabolism busy for longer time period.

Prevent your body to enter into starvation mode and avoid to go for crash diets. In starvation mode, the metabolism gets slow to avoid the consumption of food very rapidly, and there is a possibility of losing the muscle mass. This will make losing weight more difficult.

The addition of these foods to your diet can help to enhance the resting metabolism of the body. If your goal is to lose weight, then increase the exercise to burn the calories.

Why Should You Take Peppermint Tea?

It is now popular to take herbal tea for better health. Herbal teas have so many benefits of its own, but peppermint tea is not only delicious but has many health and beauty benefits. It is a naturally relaxes your nerves and can help in getting a good sleep. It also does not have caffeine. Other benefits include issues related to digestion like cramps, bloating, etc.

It has a pleasant odor, it flavor`s nice and is refreshing to take. It is pretty simple to make, you just have to boil peppermint leaves for about 15 minutes, and your tea is ready.

Peppermint tea has many benefits and is documented to be used for 10000 years. Following are few benefits of peppermint tea.

Helps in getting good sleep

When you take a warm cup of peppermint tea, it helps in relaxing nerves which in turn relax your body muscles and provide a good sleep at night.

Help in digestion

Peppermint tea is very good for digestion problems, it aids in digestion and helps in getting your stomach empty without gaseous problems.

Peppermint tea relieves stress

When you are stressed or suffering from anxiety, peppermint tea is the best medicine for that. Menthol is naturally present in the herb which relaxes muscles which help in relieving stress and anxiety. Take a five-minute break and have a nice cup of tea while having this peppermint tea it will definitely help.

Help in gas and bloating

If you are having these issues, peppermint tea will help in this case. It helps in digestion and also relieves muscles of the intestine to help gas pass through which will help in passing gas.

Helps in reducing heartburn and indigestion

There are many people who suffer from indigestion and heartburn problem, peppermint tea before bed can be a coup with all these problems. According to studies, it is good muscle relaxant which improves bile flow and food pass through with ease. It also helps with acidity.

Supports in working of liver and gallbladder

If you have small stones in gallbladder peppermint tea can help. It can help in breaking down those stones. It also helps flow from gallbladder to liver which results in fewer issues regarding gallbladder and also relieves pain from a gallbladder attack.

Helps in reducing bad breath

Herbs are usually antibacterial, so they kill bacteria in your mouth which cause bad breath. This is why some toothpaste, chewing gums, and mouthwash have peppermint. Its strong smell helps in stressing bad breath.

Helps in healing of troubled skin

Most of the skin issues like acne are due to a hormonal issue. They can persist for a long time if not taken care of. Peppermint is a natural solution to that. This tea helps in regulating the hormonal levels which help in reducing these type of skin issues.

Helps in reducing cough and chest congestion

As peppermint contains menthol, it helps in relieving cough and congestion. It removes the mucus clearing the lungs. It also relieves a sore throat and dry coughs.

The Reasons Of Not Getting Fit At Your Home Gym

The cognitive effort of physical exercising at home will tend to become more difficult with the time, making it happen to ditch your home gym for a gym affiliation.

Exercising within the ease of your own home might appear like a treat. The profits of working out at home are apparently huge at the beginning; you are not obligatory to pay once-a-month dues, steer through crowded seats, and wait for apparatus to become obtainable or inhale the stink of soaked sweat.

But then again do the aids of your gym at home really offset the cost of a fully comprehensive health club?

Even though the ease demand of your home gym might appear like a spendthrift advantage, the probabilities of you approaching your fitness goals at home are thinner than your waistline.

Lack of Liability and Chastisement

The everyday work grind can make a steady routine of workout apparently unbearable to uphold, particularly if you travel straight home after a bursting day on the timepiece. But the ease of your own home is doubtful to aid as a motivational material for breaking working out sessions, irrespective of if you possess fancy pieces of gym apparatus, and have the ability within your home to achieve a full weightlifting.

Nature of Human becomes irresistible in safe spaces; it is more probable that you will just become a cave inhabitant, munching down salty snack foods although binge-watching your preferred TV show rather than working out. Exercising at home stops you from emerging the level of answerability and self-control that a daily walk done after work to the gym supports in the making.

Disruptions Take Over

If you are thoughtful about exercise and have adequate tools within your every day to achieve numerous full-body exercises every week, you might endure your wish to take it easy. But it will most probable develop progressively tough to keep your schedule over time. Interruptions will finally take charge.

It is logically tough to maintain with your regimen of at-home exercises, particularly when desires for enjoyment and moderation sneak in. If you wish to get in shape at home, it is vital to establish an upper level of mental persistence. Even if you consider yourself that you’re able enough to utilize your home gym to its full capability, the opportunities of doing work out at an upper level over time are short.

Elating While Isolated

Methodical studies have specified that performance of exercises is improved while training with a friend. This is naturally hard to do within the limits of your home gym. Even all the same some unlucky goers of gym enjoy the secrecy of their training routine, the harsh absence of others working out in nearby areas can generate a specific negation than deters growth.

Far like most features of life, physical exercising in an isolated environment has the likelihood to feel devastating, which hinders inspiration. Your home gym might have the possibility to keep you fit, but the probabilities of you steadily working out on a regular basis while upholding a greater level of motivation and discipline are not promising.


Seven White Foods That Are Healthy

We have been strictly advised by our friends and family to avoid white food, but the thing is that not all white food should be avoided, not all white food is bad for health. We should avoid white heavily processed food like white sugar, white flour. The perspective of all white foods are harmful is quite common, in the case of white sugar it is the most common product found in everything like in soft drinks, fizzy drinks, and almost all bakery items. White flour is another processed food which is used in cakes, pastries, pizzas dough, biscuits, etc. All heavily processed foods have high calories and fewer nutrients which don’t meet the requirements of our body. Natural white foods have high carbohydrates, which are the main source of the human body, they help fuel your brain, heart, muscles, nervous system and kidneys.

These white foods are the ones you shouldn’t avoid:


The only plant source of vitamin D, they have low carbohydrates and low calories but contain several other minerals, a great source of vitamin B and copper and even protein. Mushrooms have anti-inflammation properties and boost the immune system in addition to powerful antioxidant. They help in the fight against cancer, protect the DNA and stop cell mutation. Consumption of mushroom has proven the natural way of lowering the cholesterol of the body. As they are rich in vitamin B, have stress killing properties and prevents brain fog. Studies show that mushrooms really helps in weight loss too.


Cauliflower is becoming one of the high demanding vegetables these days. Because of its grain-like structure, it is best suitable for rice. Cauliflower rice is used in many things because of its low fat, low carbohydrates and in rich in nutrients. It also contains large amount of vitamin K, and vitamin C. One plate full of raw cauliflower can fulfill the daily dose of both vitamin.


Banana one of the most eaten fruit in the world. As it is soft and tender, enjoyed by all age groups and it can be added to almost any dessert. One banana as almost 120 gram of calories, vitamin B16, manganese, and potassium.

The Allium Family:

The Allium family which include onions, garlic, leeks and many others which add the best flavors to many dishes are loaded with the blast of fragrance and nutrients. They are helpful in many diseases like breast cancer and also a great thing for weight loss.

White beans:

There are four types of white beans ( Pea Beans, White Kidney Beans, Baby Lima beans, Great Northern beans). All of them are loaded with nutrients 100 grams of white beans contain 67 calories, low in fats, Vitamin A, C, D, and Calcium.


Potatoes are considered as one of the main cause of weight gain in many people as it can be mixed with a variety of other foods which are high in fat like oil, cheese, and sour cream. They are often skinned first, but that is the healthiest part. They are a great source of many vitamins and minerals, also in rich in fibers, proteins, potassium and many other things which are good for the body.


In most of the western countries, radishes are often in pink, red and purple color but most of the in part of them are white. They have a high quantity of water and are loaded with many minerals, and they are a great source of vitamin C.



The CrossFit workout includes high-intensity programs designed for fitness and includes different types of exercises and several elements incorporated from different types of sports.

By doing CrossFit, it is almost always a certainty that it will result in weight loss. The main feature of CrossFit exercises includes that it has perpetuated fat burn and loss of calories even after the workout is finished.

Many different styles of CrossFit exercises entail high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometric, gymnastics and much more.

Some of the best weight loss CrossFit exercises include following main forms:

The Helen:

Some workouts for the day also abbreviated as WODs includes Helen.

Helen is a combination of cardio and strength which is the actual theme of the Helen. The main idea or theme behind HELEN is that the individual has to break his/her previous record which was made in the previous sessions.

It is actually a combination of running and kettlebell swings in addition to the pullups which results in a perceptible weight loss in addition to muscle formation.

The Helen is usually done in three rounds in the following sequence with:

  • Running up to 400m.
  • Kettlebell swings which should be 21 swings with 53 pounds weight of kettlebell.
  • Pullups up to 12 are done. These pull-ups could be assisted through any type of band support.

The EVA:

Eva is harsher and harder than that of the Helen as it includes more of everything already present in the Helen.

It includes running, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups.

But all these three things are also present in the Helen so what’s the difference between two??

The difference is in the timing and rounds repetition, and it includes:

  • 800m running
  • 30 kettlebell swings
  • 30 pullups


The grace is another efficient workout of CrossFit, and it involves using only one exercise. This looks very simple, but when actually doing the exercise it is pretty hard and causes enough calories to burn.

In GRACE the seemingly simple exercise is weight lifting but doing so in the presence of a stopwatch. This means that weight lifting is done in this type of exercise, but the main focusing point of this weight lifting is to stay conscious of the time. The combination of heavy lifting with time makes it really tough.

The only simple exercise used in the GRACE is known as Clean and Jerk.

In this exercise, 30 clean and jerks at 135 pounds are done.

Newport Crippler:

This is one of the most easier of all the CrossFit exercises as it gradually goes downward in terms of its intensity. In this type of exercise, the person has to run up to 1 mile with weight carrying on his/her back. This weight lifting gradually lowers as the body weight reduces.

This type of exercise includes 30 back squats which are loaded equivalent to the body weight and running for 1 mile with these back-squats. The weight of these back squats also lowers as the body weight is lost gradually.

These are some of the CrossFit exercises which provide the wanted results in a short period of time as it includes high-intensity exercises.



Best Beginner Weight-Training Guide

So, all set to tone up your body? Finally decided to take up a weight lifting or strength program but wondering what you have to do? It happens for once with everyone in their lifetime. So, there is no need to get tensed or confused. Just follow up the simple instructions and tips mentioned below which will give you the complete guideline as to how to plan your workout program:

Tips to take a perfect start

  • The first and the most important tip before starting your workout plan is to warm up yourself. Taking a start before warm up will exhaust you out immediately.
  • Do not get too excited or too embarrassed to grab on to the heavyweights at the first place. Expecting it to make you toned up quickly is simply out of the question. Take a start with the lighter ones and workout to your capacity. Directly trying to work on heavy weights or exerting yourself will be harmful. It can cause a severe lifelong injury.
  • You need to play the safe game and avoid using weights more than your capabilities. If you can do 30 reps with a certain weight, you can increase it. But always remember that the increasing rate should not be more than 5% each time.
  • Going too fast or quickly through repetitions is not going to do any good to you. It is highly advised to go slow and in a controlled manner which will increase force and less tissue trauma.
  • When it comes to your joints, you need to be very careful. Remember if you are not used to heavy weights or if you have never lifted weights in your life, just go up to the limit what your joints ask for.
  • Resting in between is highly recommended which is said to be 30 – 90 seconds. Not taking any rest or taking rest for too long, both is going to kill out your work plan.

Etiquette rules for lifting

  • Do not forget to bring a towel along and be kind enough to clean the equipment you use.
  • Place back all the weights or dumbbells you use.
  • Do not use a machine for a longer period that it makes the rest of the people waiting to get it free. You can work in with them in sets if it is possible
  • Most importantly, kindly leave your cell phones in your car or lockers. There is nothing more irritating to listen to your conversation grudgingly.

Important Training tips

Check out the following pointers to take effective tips for a better start of your new training program

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Be sure to drink minimum 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • Eat small balanced diet comprising proteins and carbohydrates 30 – 60 minutes before the workout and 60 min after you are done.
  • If you want to perform cardio work for weight loss, then it is always advised to do it after you get trained with weights.
  • Make a chart and keep a record of what you do on the daily basis which will help you to know about your progress.

Get The Best Muscular Body With The Help Of Dwayne Johnson Supplements

Having a body that is quite fit and has muscles along with cuts and packs requires quite a lot of hard work and best supplements. Body building is quite an exciting process and requires a hell lot of hard work and dedication. Building a body that is muscular and well toned requires you to abstain from vices and you should be ready to focus all your attention on the training along with maintaining a proper diet. The proper mix of training and a suitable diet is not enough alone and you need best body building supplements for burning the calories and healthy generation of muscular fat in the body.

Body supplements are available in market in various varieties. It gets quite tough to select the best therefore you should always select the one that is used by famous celebrities like Dwayne Johnson. The supplements used by the wrestler turned actor are quite famous in the market as Dwayne Johnson supplements and you can simply choose them in order to get the best body in a proper time frame.

Some of the most suitable and beneficial supplements that the actor uses and how you can help yourself with such supplements in order to get a fiercely muscular body

Dwayne Johnson is the epitome of a perfect body and is a source of motivation for every fitness freak who wants to own a muscular and heavy body. The actor is known to put in hard efforts towards his body on a routine basis and likes to train in the toughest manner possible to strengthen his muscles and gain more body power.

The actor along with exercise and heavy workouts prefers to take help of some of the best body supplements as a source of protein and for calories reduction and relies solely on his brand of products.

Some of the most suitable supplements that ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson uses and their value in bodybuilding

One of the most suitable bodybuilding supplements that the actor consumes is Xtreme Nitro; this one is quite popular throughout the world and was recommended to the actor by his nutrition expert. Using this supplement you can get the proper dose of nutrition in your body and, the natural ingredients present in supplement make your body react faster for absorbing vital nutrients.

The supplement gained a hell lot of popularity after it was used by the actor and with proper dosage of arginine, vitamins, green tea extracts and Yohimbine, it proved quite handy and highly suitable for mass building in the body.

Another supplement that Dwayne uses for giving better shape to his body and muscle generation is Formula T-10. This is one of the most popular supplements for bodybuilding and is helpful in burning the fat calories from the body quite effectively. With higher antioxidant levels, the supplement increases the energy in the body and fights fatigue that result from excessive workouts.

Quite handy in boosting metabolism, Dwayne Johnson uses the supplement to maintain the muscular physique while shooting for a film in foreign locations.

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