The CrossFit workout includes high-intensity programs designed for fitness and includes different types of exercises and several elements incorporated from different types of sports.

By doing CrossFit, it is almost always a certainty that it will result in weight loss. The main feature of CrossFit exercises includes that it has perpetuated fat burn and loss of calories even after the workout is finished.

Many different styles of CrossFit exercises entail high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometric, gymnastics and much more.

Some of the best weight loss CrossFit exercises include following main forms:

The Helen:

Some workouts for the day also abbreviated as WODs includes Helen.

Helen is a combination of cardio and strength which is the actual theme of the Helen. The main idea or theme behind HELEN is that the individual has to break his/her previous record which was made in the previous sessions.

It is actually a combination of running and kettlebell swings in addition to the pullups which results in a perceptible weight loss in addition to muscle formation.

The Helen is usually done in three rounds in the following sequence with:

  • Running up to 400m.
  • Kettlebell swings which should be 21 swings with 53 pounds weight of kettlebell.
  • Pullups up to 12 are done. These pull-ups could be assisted through any type of band support.

The EVA:

Eva is harsher and harder than that of the Helen as it includes more of everything already present in the Helen.

It includes running, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups.

But all these three things are also present in the Helen so what’s the difference between two??

The difference is in the timing and rounds repetition, and it includes:

  • 800m running
  • 30 kettlebell swings
  • 30 pullups


The grace is another efficient workout of CrossFit, and it involves using only one exercise. This looks very simple, but when actually doing the exercise it is pretty hard and causes enough calories to burn.

In GRACE the seemingly simple exercise is weight lifting but doing so in the presence of a stopwatch. This means that weight lifting is done in this type of exercise, but the main focusing point of this weight lifting is to stay conscious of the time. The combination of heavy lifting with time makes it really tough.

The only simple exercise used in the GRACE is known as Clean and Jerk.

In this exercise, 30 clean and jerks at 135 pounds are done.

Newport Crippler:

This is one of the most easier of all the CrossFit exercises as it gradually goes downward in terms of its intensity. In this type of exercise, the person has to run up to 1 mile with weight carrying on his/her back. This weight lifting gradually lowers as the body weight reduces.

This type of exercise includes 30 back squats which are loaded equivalent to the body weight and running for 1 mile with these back-squats. The weight of these back squats also lowers as the body weight is lost gradually.

These are some of the CrossFit exercises which provide the wanted results in a short period of time as it includes high-intensity exercises.