We have been strictly advised by our friends and family to avoid white food, but the thing is that not all white food should be avoided, not all white food is bad for health. We should avoid white heavily processed food like white sugar, white flour. The perspective of all white foods are harmful is quite common, in the case of white sugar it is the most common product found in everything like in soft drinks, fizzy drinks, and almost all bakery items. White flour is another processed food which is used in cakes, pastries, pizzas dough, biscuits, etc. All heavily processed foods have high calories and fewer nutrients which don’t meet the requirements of our body. Natural white foods have high carbohydrates, which are the main source of the human body, they help fuel your brain, heart, muscles, nervous system and kidneys.

These white foods are the ones you shouldn’t avoid:


The only plant source of vitamin D, they have low carbohydrates and low calories but contain several other minerals, a great source of vitamin B and copper and even protein. Mushrooms have anti-inflammation properties and boost the immune system in addition to powerful antioxidant. They help in the fight against cancer, protect the DNA and stop cell mutation. Consumption of mushroom has proven the natural way of lowering the cholesterol of the body. As they are rich in vitamin B, have stress killing properties and prevents brain fog. Studies show that mushrooms really helps in weight loss too.


Cauliflower is becoming one of the high demanding vegetables these days. Because of its grain-like structure, it is best suitable for rice. Cauliflower rice is used in many things because of its low fat, low carbohydrates and in rich in nutrients. It also contains large amount of vitamin K, and vitamin C. One plate full of raw cauliflower can fulfill the daily dose of both vitamin.


Banana one of the most eaten fruit in the world. As it is soft and tender, enjoyed by all age groups and it can be added to almost any dessert. One banana as almost 120 gram of calories, vitamin B16, manganese, and potassium.

The Allium Family:

The Allium family which include onions, garlic, leeks and many others which add the best flavors to many dishes are loaded with the blast of fragrance and nutrients. They are helpful in many diseases like breast cancer and also a great thing for weight loss.

White beans:

There are four types of white beans ( Pea Beans, White Kidney Beans, Baby Lima beans, Great Northern beans). All of them are loaded with nutrients 100 grams of white beans contain 67 calories, low in fats, Vitamin A, C, D, and Calcium.


Potatoes are considered as one of the main cause of weight gain in many people as it can be mixed with a variety of other foods which are high in fat like oil, cheese, and sour cream. They are often skinned first, but that is the healthiest part. They are a great source of many vitamins and minerals, also in rich in fibers, proteins, potassium and many other things which are good for the body.


In most of the western countries, radishes are often in pink, red and purple color but most of the in part of them are white. They have a high quantity of water and are loaded with many minerals, and they are a great source of vitamin C.